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Dream Day Tour

Quick Details

Private Boat 2 People included

The romance doesn’t have to end there… Let your dreams come true with a Private Dream Day!

After the excitement of your Private Morning Tour, where you will see the wonders of the Bora Bora lagoon as the eagle ray, the manta rays, and beautiful coral gardens, you will enjoy a fantastic lunch on a beautiful Motu.

A delicious Polynesian meal, along with red and white wine, will be served in the most idyllic atmosphere. Enjoy this feast with your feet in the water!

Now it’s time for a break… We bring you to your hotel at around 1:30pm. You’ll have time to rest, to wash the salt form
your hair and to freshen up. Wear your nicest clothes for the grand finale of your Dream Day!

Your captain will come back for you at 4:30pm for one of the most romantic things you can do in the world: a private Sunset Cruise on the Lagoon of Bora Bora.

Your menu:

· Rice salad
· Local vegetables : taro roots, banana fe’i, and sweet potatoes
· The famous “poisson cru” – Fresh diced tuna with coconut milk and lime
· Grilled chicken, beef and fish
· Coconut bread
· Fresh fruit
· Banana or pumpkin po’e (fruit pudding)

Our Luxury Bora Bora Tour Boat