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Whale Watching Cruise

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Per Person Group Tour

Observe Humpback Whales on a Bora Bora Whale Watching Cruise!

Each year around June, humpback whales start their migration from Antarctica towards French Polynesia in search of waters rich in plankton and safe haven to give birth. During this time of the year, Reef Discovery ventures out of the lagoon to look for these beautiful giants!

Join one of our observatory excursions for a unique experience! We conduct our tours with the utmost respect for the wellbeing of these wild animals. Given the popularity of this tour, we recommend that you book in advance in order to guarantee your chosen date.

You may have the opportunity to get in the water if weather conditions and animal behavior allow it to listen to the whale song (supervised by our guide). Given that the high seas require good swimming skills, we recommend a private tour for all people requiring special assistance in the water (beginner swimmers included).

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